About project

Smart School Pro digital platform is a complete solution for preschools, which displays all the information about children and classes in one window and makes it possible to create an individual development path for each child. The users of the platform are school authorities, teachers, and parents. The platform can be used by any educational institutions: primary, nursery schools, daycare,  Pre-K , kindergartens & elementary schools.

The platform was included in the Holon IQ list of 100 most promising EdTech startups in Russia and CIS countries in the Management Systems category. 



Smart School Pro platform is designed to solve the following tasks


  • Reducing routine work, saving time and resources of preschools

  • Creating effective communication within preschools and with families

  • Increase the level of trust between preschools and families

  • Increase the teachers’ skill level

  • Optimizing business processes at schools


The platform displays information on a child and a class in a single window

  • Documents, contracts
  • Schedules
  • Daily reports
  • Health, dietary and physical restrictions
  • Parents
  • Teachers working with a class/child
  • Menu
  • Direct mailing: messages, announcements, emails
  • Photo
  • Testing and assessing results

The platform is based on a single entry principle, and the system allows users to manage their access.