Frequently asked questions

How to connect to the platform?

To connect to the platform, you can send an application to, use the “Contact us” application form on our website or call +7 (495) 762-72-02.

To get started, it is necessary to sign the license agreement. After that, your school will be connected to the system and provided with a login and password.

According to the license agreement, the school has a one-month free trial to make a decision.

Who can sign a license agreement?

Legal entities, sole proprietors, and individuals, such as the self-employed, can be parties to the license agreement.

What kind of equipment does the preschool need to connect to the platform?

To connect to the platform, the preschool should have at least one PC/laptop with internet access. It is necessary for entering the primary data and creating the database of the school.

The software is distributed as an online service (SaaS). This means that the platform can be accessed from any device, at any time, from anywhere (ATAWAD). No hardware or special steps to install the software are required on the part of the user.

How to access the platform?

The preschool administrator distributes access to the platform among the teachers. Each user has a personal, automatically generated password to access the system, which they use to log in to their account. The preschool administrator is responsible for setting the level of access for the rest of the staff depending on their tasks.

What access modes are available?

The platform has several access modes for users: reading, editing, deleting. Different modes can be set up for the user, depending on his/her responsibilities.

Different access modes can be set up for different preschool classes. For example, a parent or a child’s authorized person can only see their children’s profiles. A teacher generally sees his/her class, but can edit any information there.

The health care worker has access to the profiles of all children in all classes but cannot change anything except the Health and Nutrition sections.

Some preschools consider that parents should not have access to the results of testing the psychophysical development of a child, because this is internal information. For others, it is important to share all information. The platform assists to create settings for any scenario.

Is the Smart School Pro mobile application the same platform?

Yes, you can use the features of the platform through the mobile app.

How to install the Smart School Pro mobile application?

The application is available for download in App Store, Google market, and HUAWEI AppGallery.

What if the teacher does not have a computer?

Teachers do not need to use a PC to work with the system, staff can use the Smart School Pro mobile application on their smartphones.

Can I use the platform if I don’t have a steady internet connection?

Yes, you can. Since the primary information has already been entered, a teacher doesn’t need to have a PC and internet in the class. A smartphone with a mobile app installed is sufficient to enter relevant data. When in the Wi-Fi area, the data entered will be synchronized. In essence, the platform can be used as a notebook integrated with a common database.

What is a ‘modular based platform’?

The preschool can select which modules to work with, manage user settings, as well as input its own educational program.

What is ‘single entry’ and what is it for?

The primary data is entered once, after that the information is distributed throughout the system and used repeatedly in various combinations, fetched by the system automatically from databases. This saves a lot of time on creating various lists, tables, and reports, and helps to keep all information in order without losing or omitting anything.

How do I get to know the platform?

  1. You can read general information about the platform on our website.
  2. If you have any questions or would like to know any information in more detail, you can fill in a ‘contact us’ form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
  3. You can also check out our Instagram. There we cover current events, informing our audience about all the platform’s features, news and updates.

Who is the Operator in the form of consent to personal data processing?

The preschool is responsible for collecting the forms of consent and is considered as the Operator.

Can the platform be used partially in the early stages, i.e. can data related to only one child per each age group be entered into the Class section?

Yes, it is possible. The amount of information to be uploaded to the platform is determined by the preschool staff themselves.

How does the platform assist teachers?

Smart School Pro displays all the information on a child and a class in one window, reduces the scope of paperwork and time spent on creating reports, and provides effective communication both within the team and with the families of the children. The platform makes it possible to obtain reliable information on each child’s development level and to build up an individual development pathway for everyone.

How long does it take to fill in the reports?

It takes much less time to fill in a report electronically than a paper report, mainly because all the primary data have already been entered (see the question about the “single entry” principle) and much of the final data is generated automatically by the system.

What is the Testing Module for?

The Smart School Pro Testing is a tool consisting of standardized tests and monitoring protocols that are used to study the child’s individual characteristics. The automated testing and the Assessing module provide a real opportunity to build up individual development pathways for children.

What is the Assessing module for? How does it work?

The Assessing module is designed to monitor the level of children’s mastering of the educational course.
Teachers fill in checklists and the platform automatically generate summary reports structured by activities and educational areas, individual and class conclusion reports, dynamic graphs, highlighting talented children and children/skills requiring special attention. All parameters, such as skills, assessment criteria, interpretation of results, are set by the administrator and can be varied for each preschool.

How is the data protected?

Smart School Pro organizes data storage in the Selectel company’s secure segment with level 2 security in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of 27 July 2006 No 152-FZ “On Personal Data”.

How is data protection technically ensured on the platform?

All data that is entered into the platform is hosted on special licensed servers, which, in turn, are in the closed segment, isolated. Access to the servers is granted to a limited number of people via a secure network with data verification only. A gateway router with an anti-virus that analyzes the traffic that passes through it is used for access.

Can the platform be used in a primary school?

Smart School Pro is used not only in preschools, but also in primary schools.
The platform is a well-structured database of all the children attending the educational institution. It is very convenient to work with the packaged solutions.

Smart School Pro helps create a schedule of basic classes and afterschool activities, an individual schedule for each child, and menus. With Smart School Pro the school staff does not need to keep in mind the characteristics of each pupil: dietary habits, allergies, exercise tolerance, exemptions from PE.

Smart School Pro makes the communication between teachers and parents efficient and more comfortable for both parties. It is possible to send out home tasks, provide parents with general information about any events, as well as communicate with parents individually. Teachers’ details are also available and it is convenient to be in touch with them through the platform.

In primary school, the Testing section is still actual, and assists in creating a first-grader profile. We recommend the Assessing module to monitor the dynamics of children’s learning and social skills.

Can parents enter the data related to the authorized persons into the system?

Yes, parents can enter the authorized persons’ details via the mobile app or via the Smart School Pro Web.