Smart School Pro has become a participant of the project of the pilot testing of innovative solutions initiated by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow

The Smart School Pro project and “Educational Technologies” LLC passed the experts’ review and became a participant of the program of pilot testing of innovative solutions in Moscow. The project coordinator is the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development. The program operator is the Innovation Agency of Moscow, subordinate to the Department.

The site for the pilot testing of the project is a rehabilitation boarding school N32 of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of Moscow.

During the piloting it is planned to confirm the conformity of the characteristics of the innovative solution for application in rehabilitation and education centers and to create a profile of complex rehabilitation on the basis of the digital platform.

For the pilot testing «Educational Technologies» LLC was granted 2 million rubles by the Innovation Department.Participation in the pilot testing program of innovative solutions in Moscow opens up new opportunities for our project: it allows us to test an innovative solution in non-standard conditions, get an independent assessment of users and expand the scope of application of the product.